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Dance with Your Kids at Magnolia Cafe

On a Friday night, chances are there’ll be plenty of little people whirling on the dance floor



This is, in our estimation, one in a list of thirty marvelous places, flavors, events, and experiences that anyone who lives in—or loves—our part of the world should experience at least once in his or her lifetime.

One of life’s joys is dancing with your loved ones to the beat of a live band, so it would seem a shame if all that dancing had to happen where the kids aren’t welcome. But St. Francisville’s famous Magnolia Café has always been a place that dances to the beat of its own drum. Go on a Friday night, when there’s a live band on the screened porch stage and chances are there’ll be plenty of little people whirling on the dance floor. “We designed it that way because we wanted the kids to be able to enjoy the music,” explained Robin Marshall, the Mag’s founder and owner, noting that it all really started when her own granddaughter, Lexi, was small and spending lots of time around the restaurant.

These days a whole generation of St. Francisville area kids have grown up dancing at The Mag. Now they come back on Friday night and bring their dates, joining a new generation of kids on the dance floor. So take your little ones out to dance. Show them the steps. Hold them close. Why would you want them anywhere else?

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